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Why You Should Never Use Waterproof Mascara?

Why You Should Never Use Waterproof Mascara?

Your beautiful eyelashes are the crown of your eyes protecting them from airborne dirt, dust, lint, and other debris from reaching the eye. With such an important job our eyelashes need protecting. Hence, our skincare experts never recommend using waterproof mascara. Our article focuses on the effects waterproof mascara has not only on the lashes but, also on the delicate skin around the eye. Let us understand the major reasons for not using waterproof mascara below.

  • Serious damage to lashes
    Don’t panic but understand the truth. The ingredients used in making a waterproof mascara are stronger sometimes even harsher as compared to the ones used for making regular mascara. These harsh chemicals cause some serious damage to your eyelashes making them dry and brittle. This leads to falling and the loss of your beautiful eyelashes.
  • Causing dark circles
    Removal of waterproof mascara needs some serious scrubbing which weakens the lashes causing them to break off. It also damages the sensitive skin around the eyes as aggressive rubbing or adding pressure to the eyes in the removal process damages tiny blood vessels beneath the skin’s surface causing dark circles around the eye area.
  • Bad side-effects
    Using waterproof eye mascara causes various side effects such as premature crow’s feet, puffiness, and drooping eyes at an incredibly young age. With such side-effects using waterproof mascara is an unworthy investment for skin health around the eyes.
  • Not suitable for everyday wear
    It is not recommended to wear even mainstream waterproof eye mascara regularly. Experts warn about weakening and damaging of eyelashes over a period resulting in heavy fallout and thin eyelashes. Even if you want to wear mainstream brand waterproof mascara, try saving it for occasions only. It is not worth the damage of your lovely eyelashes and the sensitive skin around the eyes.

So, what should you do for making your lashes stand out on occasions? Use water-resistant mascaras as they contain less harsh ingredients and provide the same beautiful look to your eyes as waterproof mascaras. You can also use natural and organic water-resistant mascara protecting against sweat and tears. It also has natural ingredients that are good for strengthening eyelashes. Besides, it’s the best option for vegans. Ditch bad makeup habits today and increase the longevity and glowing health around your eyes and lashes.

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